WebTV User Instructions

Obviously, if you're a WebTV user, you know that many Java Applets will not work with your unit, and the Chat Applet we have here is no exception. However, you do have access to IRC Chat. By following the directions below, you will also be able to connect to the Official ASS-C Chat Room.

Go to your WebTV Home page, click Community, click Chat, then click Goto on the sidebar to the left. Now enter the server name (irc.webmaster.com or java.ca.us.webchat.org) in the top blank box, the port number in the second box (6667 or 6668) and the channel name (#ass-c) in the third box; then hit the button at the bottom.

If you have trouble connecting, try the other server. Otherwise, try a new port number; anywhere from 6667, 6668, or 6669. On a rare occasion, you will not be able to connect even after switching all the servers and ports. In that case, try again later.